Balance equals flexible

These untethered workstations give you the opportunity to choose how you arrange your desks—adaptable to the changing needs of your office activities.   



Power access made easy

Balance beam is available in steel or wood clad, and power is easily accessed through steel doors, or felt tops. Deep enough to stow away loose cords, and with two power duplexes per user, there is never a shortage of power. 



Say goodbye to messy wires

Cords are managed by flexible felt velcro covers that enable quick and easy servicing when needed. Soft touch finishes add a residential feel to the beam, and with so many color options to choose from, dialing in a design vision is easier than ever. 





Design — Pfeiffer Lab

Finishes see available finishes here



5" W —24" H 

Three sizes accommodate 48" — 60" Desks


Standard Power
4-power / 2-data