Conferencing made simple

Flexible and unique, Hashi keeps your technology accessible while keeping things clean. A customizable conference table built to fit the way you work.



Add table top power with Bento

Bento provides flexible power and data while eliminating clutter. The metal door provides easy access to cables and technology.



Looks good works better 

We created Hashi with business versatility in mind. Choose from a wide range of sizes and power requirements.



Packed with power

Conceal laptop chargers and much more inside Hashi’s easy to access power trough.


Smart wire management

Run power and data cables through any leg.




Design — Studio Hopkins

Finishes see available finishes here



Standard Sizes
Width: 42"/ 48"/ 54"/ 60" not the size you need?— talk to us
Length: 72"—108" (6" increments) | 108"—192" (12" increments) | 216"—240" (24" increments)

Table Top & Base
1 piece top + 2 bases: 72"—120"
2 piece top + 3 bases: 132"—240"


Trough Power
Soft Wired (UL LISTED): 120" standard length
Hard Wired (UL LISTED): 120" standard length
Number of duplexes: 2/ 4/ 6 dependent on table length