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Every project is a unique opportunity for expression. We develop products, reinvent and reimagine them for you.

Our collection is readily available to order. You personalize to suit your aesthetic.

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You can also personalize Mix with our Pair Palette.


 Don’t see a feature you like?
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Co-design is when we partner with you to create a whole new feature. We talk, we understand and we design. Check out some of our successful co-designed solutions.



Mix with a Light Feature

The client’s intent was to encourage collaboration and open up the visual sight lines of their workstation clusters. They also wanted to add more warmth through soft lighting.

The solution features mounted LED lights running the length of the workstation cluster in place of the divider screens.

Artboard 2.png
Artboard 1.png


Mix with a Shared Surface

The client needed a surface large enough to lay out drawings for review that allowed for multiple people to collaborate.

This solution features a height-adjustable shared surface that also acts as a pseudo-meeting space in their large open office landscape.

Artboard 1.png


Mix with Cork Screens

The client desired an alternate material in place of a typical fabric application that still maintained the functionality of a divider screen.

This solution features cork screens mounted on our Mix system. Cork shares the same self-healing properties as wool, while offering an unexpected and warm texture.


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