We give designers all the tools they need, a kit of parts, that lets them create a variety of styles. Pre-engineered to be simple. Flexible enough to express any vision. We’re Pair, and it’s nice to meet you.


We think first and design later. We believe that’s how great solutions happen and problems get solved. We love ideas, and when ours meet yours, good things happen.  



Good design should be accessible. We think of ourselves in the same way. We’re advisors by trade but friends at heart. At Pair, collaboration is king, and we like to think that makes us easy — and maybe even fun — to work with. 

Good Neighbors

We love furniture. But here’s what we like just as much — relationships. Especially with local companies we trust. All our products are made right here in the United States where we can source and reuse local materials.




Designing customized furniture requires talented designers. We collaborate with the very best, and we like to keep things local and personal so your design stays that way. 


Studio Hopkins

Studio Hopkins is a contemporary design practice that collaborates with brand-centric companies to create products that support their vision.

Through thoughtful study of how today’s innovative companies work, Studio Hopkins and Pair collaborate to bring forth a collection of furnishings, blurring the line between residential and workplace. A blend of form, materials, and practical function result in the products becoming an organic part of the space in which companies thrive. Studio Hopkins believes that good design should not end with fine craft and durability, but instead continue into production with environmentally conscious materials and ethical labor practices.


Pfeiffer Lab

Pfeiffer Lab is a California design studio providing unique solutions to the design challenges of our day. They are hands-on, highly creative problem solvers with a design approach that is focused on beauty, sustainability and utility.

Our collaborative capabilities reach far beyond product design, extending into design strategy and brand building. We address the design challenges of the home and office with solutions inspired by nature and built for longevity. Our efforts are grounded in the notion that beautiful and useful products should be part of our everyday lives.